Do you ever feel like you’re just throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping you’ll hit the bullseye?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you will hit your target before ever throwing your dart?  At EOS Healthcare, we see practice owners wasting valuable marketing dollars by guessing at what will work.  We’re sick and tired of seeing dentists and doctors throwing their money away when they could be making educated marketing decisions to KNOW what will work. 

Location Viability Studies

We refer to ourselves as data-driven marketers.  We advise our clients to make decisions based on what is actually happening in their community and in their practice.  We provide real-time analyses and reports through our location viability studies. Data from a location viability study gives you valuable intel from the start, and allow you to make marketing decisions based on the information you now know.  Your community and the marketing trends are constantly evolving, and we will help you stay current with any changes.

What Does A Location Viability Show Practice Owners?

  • Real Time Analysis of Local Community – Know what your local community looks like with current, real-time data.
  • Fact-Based – Taking the guesswork out of marketing intel.
  • Consumer Perspective Information – Learn trends in consumer behavior to help you know what is most important to your patients.
  • Big Picture Knowledge: Get a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in your community.
  • Micro-View Knowledge:  Narrow the information down to a neighborhood, household, or specific community.