Where intelligent growth begins.

The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are dead. Now, more than ever before, through the gathering and use of data and industry intelligence, precision and purpose are paramount. At EOS we live and breathe the healthcare industry and through years of experience we understand the myriad of challenges and obstacles that are sure to present themselves when growing a practice from the ground up.

We have decades of experience working with practices small and large, start-ups and established. Your practice is very unique. We specialize in helping you to define that uniqueness and articulate it to your ideal client base.

Communication is our profession

We are communication experts with both you, the client, and with your patients. Communication is a fragile concept; how you deliver your message and to whom you deliver that message to are critical questions that we will help you answer. Each of our clients receives the support of a professional and highly dedicated team of individuals who will take great care of you and listen intently.

We Are Marketing Nerds

Our finger is always on the pulse of the healthcare marketplace. Rest assured in knowing that we deeply understand the industry and have the expertise necessary to craft the most targeted and resonating materials for your practice. Working with EOS, you get the highest quality products and services available in the healthcare marketing marketplace in addition to a long-term partner that cares.

We Work As A Team

Our clients view us not as a vendor or service provider, but as a fully functioning and critical part of their team. In order to effectively market our clients, we must fully understand them, invest our time in their business, and get to know their day-to-day struggles. Our team at EOS will be a valuable and accessible resource for you for the life of your practice, whether you are launching your first or consider yourself a seasoned doctor.

Your One-Stop-Shop

Branding, strategy, messaging, direct mail, online, we do it all, and we do it with a precision that is unmatched and unprecedented in the healthcare marketing industry. Partner with capability and precision. Partner with EOS.

Performance Monitoring

At EOS we don’t “set it and forget it". Your customized marketing plan, crafted to fit the output of our proprietary Demographic Intelligence Model™ will be analyzed and evaluated for performance then tweaked to optimization along the way. We provide you with the tools to effectively measure, evaluate, and optimize your unique plan.