Orthodontics can’t be treated like every other style of dentistry.

Orthodontics requires a highly specialized approach to marketing, and an even greater understanding of the consumer.  We get it.

Clear, Concise, Effective

Gain Market Clarity

Whether you are starting a new practice or are seen as a neighborhood staple understanding your location is extremely important.

Get to know who your competitors are, online and off.

Identify key referral opportunities and identify which households will be the best to market to.

EOS Research & Analytics will show you all this in one clean report.

Create a Powerful Message

If you look around at your competition you will notice that the overall message is the same.

“Better technology” – “More C.E” – “Friendly Chair-side Manner That Puts You At Ease” – Etc. Etc.

Our team of writers will take a look at the competition and craft a message that is unique to you. While your practice may be the same in some areas, there is something unique about you and we will uncover and market it to the masses.

Make it Easy to Refer You

If you are looking to create, or grow your referral network you need to create a consistent trustworthy message the resonates with both patients and Dentists.

Dentists refer to those they trust and sometimes they have been referring to one orthodontist for years, we understand this challenge and are here to help.

From referral pads, branded promotional items and thought leadership, EOS can help you become a more attractive and credible referral for neighboring dentists.

Become a Recognizable Brand

It's important to have a brand that people know. This is key to instill confidence between a dentist and a patient.

Get Online

Yes, most of your new patients will come as a referral from a dentist, but patients are searching online and making their own decisions about who they would rather work with.

Ask for an Online Analysis and we will show you:

  • How many times people search for relevant keywords in a single month.
  • Who are your biggest competitors online.
  • A plan of action that will position you at the top of the Google rankings.