The EOS Advantage

Over 600 Practice Start-Ups Launched and 2,300 Existing Practices Helped

We understand that every practice and every market is unique.  At EOS we custom tailor every practice's strategy to uniquely fit its marketplace.

The EOS Arsenal

Calculated, creative & comprehensive.  At EOS we operate within our client’s budget and objective, thus optimizing and maximizing the performance of every dollar invested.  Utilizing EMI® and the vision for your practice, we let the facts guide our every step throughout the marketing process.  Each of our solutions are backed with our signature EOS Strategy, which means we provide the research and facts behind each recommendation. Not all of our services are a fit for every practice, let us craft the plan that will help you achieve your goals.


We understand that “marketing” is a muddy word to most doctors. EOS clears the waters by providing our clients with industry leading research and tactics that allow you to target your ideal patient base with PinPoint accuracy. Gone are the days of guess and check marketing, it’s expensive and produces subpar results. EOS will first identify the opportunity in your market, then piece together a plan that will turn that opportunity into reality.

With EOS Healthcare Marketing in your corner, you can propel your practice forward with a personalized marketing program.

  • Generate Immediate ROI

  • Understand Your Market

  • Differentiate Your Practice

  • Increase Local Awareness

  • Improve Your Image

  • Invest In The Longterm Health of Your Practice

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