The Secret Sauce

Simply put, our ultimate goal is to put the market in our clients’ favor. Our process is methodical and proven, with more than 600 start-ups successfully launched and 2,300 existing practices helped to date.

Working with EOS you’ll carve out uniqueness in your market and develop a truly distinct advantage by understanding the patient mix in your location and how to best reach and influence them. From there, having clearly identified your target audience, EOS will adapt proven techniques and tactics and craft a top quality campaign consisting of direct mail, brochures, postcards, personalized letters, digital advertising, etc. to reach your patients and drive new business.

This is where most marketing agencies stop, but not EOS.

Next, we track the performance of your campaign in a variety of different ways to refine and optimize the plan, adjusting as we continue to learn even more about the market so that we can continue to get better at what we’re doing on the client’s behalf.