In a world that is becoming more and more digital, nothing IS MORE IMPACTFUL than Utilizing a well-CONSTRUCTED DIRECTED MARKETING PIECE.

It's a Fact, that on average 80% of your patients reside within a 1 to 4 mile radius of your practice's location.  Direct drip marketing, is unequivocally, the most effective way to reach those patient prospects within your immediate marketplace. 

Direct Mail Requires Knowing Your Audience

You have to understand your audience extremely well before you can know how to market to them.  When you know who you are communicating with, you can create marketing materials that make sense to them based on how they view the world.  Is your audience cost-conscious?  Is it looking for a personal, customized experience?  Knowing how your future patients think can help you tailor your messaging and design to attract qualified patients.  Our team is here to help you get to know your audience!

Direct Mail Requires Targeting Your Audience

Your messaging and design can be spot on, but if you don’t send your marketing materials to the right people, you are wasting valuable marketing dollars.  Data allows you to segment your local community so that you can send direct mail to targeted groups.  There are a number of demographic, geographic, and behavioral factors that we use to target direct mail campaigns. 

Direct Mail Requires Strategy

We know that direct mail marketing campaigns work best when they are combined with an overarching marketing strategy.  We know this because we’ve seen many practices get frustrated when one mailing doesn’t produce the results they are looking for.  At the same time, we’ve seen countless more practices succeed with direct mail because they strategically create campaigns that include multiple direct mail (and sometimes digital) sends.  At EOS Healthcare, we work individually with you to craft the best campaign possible for your goals. We then help you analyze and refine your strategies based on how past campaigns performed to get you even better results longterm. 

Direct mail can be extremely beneficial for your practice and help you get noticed in your community.  With the right tools, and the right team, you can grow your practice’s exposure through direct mail marketing.