Whether you’re a new practice looking to get started with a bang or an existing practice seeking to identify and attract a new level of patient, you cannot afford not to call EOS. However you define success, we have the track record, tools, and insight to help your practice perform at peak levels from day one.

Using our proprietary Demographic Intelligence Model™ we will begin by assembling a highly customized plan that makes sense for you and your target audience. From there we’ll execute our plan, be it digital, direct mail, or a combination of the two, analyze our results and adjust with the market to optimize our approach.

Superior Inputs, Superior Tactics, Exceptional Results

It Starts with Research

At EOS, we focus only on facts and results. Our business wasn’t built on smoke and mirrors. Our team takes a very precise and scientific approach to uncovering the subtleties associated with your patient mix.

With this data, our team of experts will then craft a custom marketing plan specific to your practice, your objectives, and your target audience. You can’t afford trial and error. Get it right the first time.

Consistency is Key

Creating a brand message and identity that can flow seamlessly online and off is the foundation to any marketing plan.

We see the dental industry as one with boundless potential when it comes to artful marketing. Often considered a difficult product to “sell,” dental offices need the right tools and partners to help them stand out with appropriate and attention-grabbing visual design. Every practice has a personality, and we make it our mission to help yours shine through.

Ping Your Marketplace

Having revealed critical insights associated with your target audience we will then assess which tactics will be most influential and formulate a plan to reach them.

The formulation of a plan varies greatly from client to client, but the essential elements that must be defined are the following:

  • Format: Is your target audience more inclined to be influenced with a brochure, digital advertising, postcard, personal letter, card, a combination, or something else?
  • Schedule: Timing is everything. We know precisely when to execute to maximize exposure and impact.
  • Look & Feel: You and your practice have uniqueness in voice, tone, styling, and visual appeal. Our team will help you craft authentic messaging and visuals that helps you put your best foot forward.
  • Incentives: We know incentives work and can show you how to put them to work in a way that will encourage action from your target audience.
  • Reach: We’ll define your practice’s geographic footprint to maximize value with minimal cost.

Finding the Optimal Mix

Your advised campaign strategy may or may not include a digital element, depending on your target audience. If it does include digital targeting, we have dental marketing specialists on staff who know exactly what works online for the dental niche.

We believe online marketing is key and understand that search engine optimization (SEO) can be a very confusing process to wrap your head around. Our consultants will show you the opportunity that exists and a plan of action to get you page one results.