Office Moves: Marketing Plan Ideas for Moving Locations

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Your business is making moves… literally… which means it's time for your marketing plan to get moving too! Deciding to switch locations can be fun and exciting. Maybe you got a bigger office or maybe you switched because wanted to cut overhead costs. Whatever the reason, it's likely a strategic decision for your business and you need to make sure the transition goes smoothly. You want to retain customers and keep them informed during this time so they feel connected and valued as patients. Here are four marketing tips to help make the move run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Discount card to come visit you at yours new location - Each customer that comes in for an appointment before the move should be given a business card or postcard with your new address on it. This is something that they can keep handy next time they want to schedule an appointment or come in for an appointment. You can even take it one step further, by offering some sort of incentive for them to come visit you at the new location. Whether your location is close by or not, there are customers that will be negative about the move and feel like it's an inconvenience for them. You want to help eliminate these feelings of negativity by giving them a reason to come visit you in the new location. Handing them a card with a discount will catch their attention. It also opens up the conversation so you can tell them in person about what's taking place.

  2. Email marketing campaign - Depending on how quick the move is going to take place, there are some customers that will not get the chance to come in for an appointment before the move and therefore will need to learn about the move some other way. Hopefully you have been collecting email addresses over time and can contact them through this medium! Setting up an email marketing campaign is a great way to inform your customers and you can reach a large amount of them with little effort. Whether you set up one newsletter or you set up a drip campaign with a countdown to the big move, you can effectively inform your clients. Just make sure that you write a catchy tagline so people are inclined to open it.

  3. Social media - Social media is a great way to promote a business change. By choosing to post on your Facebook page, you will reach certain amount of your followers. Facebook does make it harder to reach a large amount of people without paying but reaching some clients is still better than nothing. There are options to engage in paid promotions that can reach a larger local audience. These kind of social media posts take very little effort and can go a long way. If someone loses the business card that you provide them or delete the email you send, they can always reference back to social media.

  4. Smart postcards - As mentioned above, not all patients will have the chance to visit your practice before you switch locations. Not all patients use the web such a social media or email to stay in touch with their dental practices either so you want to make sure you have an alternative way to reach these customers. Smart postcards can be sent to patients and can also be sent to prospective patients within your demographic, as well. These postcards can contain a tracking number that a customer can call to book an appointment. If and when a customer books an appointment, you will have record of who made a decision based on your marketing tool. This is a great way to calculate return on investment.

  5. Demographic Study - Performing a Location Viability Study is the best way to make sure any postcard campaigns, digital campaigns, or any other marketing for your new location is effective.  Don’t waste your time spreading the word to the wrong people in the wrong way.  Instead, spend your marketing dollars strategically with the insights gleaned from a Location Viability Study.