Get Your Staff On Board With Your Marketing Direction

When it comes to healthcare marketing, it’s a team effort. Having a productive and forward-thinking staff is extremely important because employees can make or break any strides you are making with your marketing. It is crucial that your staff is on board with your marketing plan because they will be directly responsible for carrying out marketing initiatives and helping to ensure the practice follows through with certain ideas and goals. Marketing is not a one-time thing; it should be efficiently executed year-round. Because of that, each employee must be dedicated and committed to playing a part in your office’s marketing objectives.

Gather information upon customer arrival- Part of the marketing strategy in a healthcare office starts with making sure you know as much as possible about your patients. Each time a customer arrives, the staff should gather this person’s updated contact information. The staff should also encourage the customer to opt into email and text alert/updates. Once a customer opts-in, your practice can then enter this customer into the automated systems. This will enable your office to regularly correspond with this client. Consistent correspondence will help keep customers more engaged with what’s going on. Also, when customers come into the office, the staff should have friendly conversations with them and inform them of things like social media pages. It never hurts to invite a customer to stay up-to-date with your practice.
Utilizing customer information to market accordingly – It’s simply not enough to get customer information; the staff must also keep track of the information and manage it in a way that’s beneficial. As mentioned above, there are many ways to use email marketing and text alerts to market to customers. But that can’t be done if the staff neglects to input the contact information and utilize it in an efficient way. Once this is done properly, email marketing is a great way to reach your customers because you can send out regular information such as a monthly newsletter that keeps your business at the top of the customer’s mind. When customers are regularly reminded of a business, they are more likely to make appointments and come in for services.
Creating new promotions – Along with the regular marketing efforts, it’s important that the staff works to find new and exciting ways to engage customers. A great way to encourage customers to come into the office is to offer promotions. Promotions, contests or even drawings get customers excited and engaged with what’s going on at your business. These sorts of things will help you get extra attention from your customers. Your staff are the ones who will help you sell these promotions to customers who are physically in your office, so make sure they’re on board!
Having your staff on board with your goals and intentions is only going to help your practice become that much more successful. Make sure your team is committed and excited about focusing on marketing efforts throughout the year.