The Art of Staying Top of Mind

Many people think that in order to run a successful dental practice, you must provide excellent dental work. However, just like with most businesses (medical or nonmedical), there is one thing that really makes all the difference. Customer service is what separates good businesses from the very best. In this case, you might have an office full of reputable dentists with great track records, but if your front office and customer service are not up to par, your customers will leave unhappy and they will begin searching google for a new dentist. This doesn’t have to be the case, though! There are many ways to keep your patients satisfied and smiling.

1. Utilize seamless scheduling processes

There are multiple ways to implement easy processes into your practice. The first thing to focus on is getting a patient’s next visit on the calendar before he or she walks out of the door. This way, neither of you has to go through the hassle of scheduling over the phone or playing phone tag. Once a patient is on the schedule, ask him or her what his or her preferred method of communication. Send periodic reminder emails or text messages to ensure that he or she is aware of his or her scheduled appointment. You want to make sure your patients show up.

2. Personalize each visit

Patients will feel a lot more welcome and at home if employees strive to learn names and recognize faces. Employees should make it a goal to familiarize and memorize information about their patients because this is something most dental offices fail to do. Most people don’t like being treated as just a number so it would make all the difference if the receptionist or the dentist made a legitimate effort to remember things about the patient such as a marriage, a birth, or a graduation. If memorizing is too difficult, employees should take notes in patient files so they can refer to them later on.  And you know what?  Practice software make doing this easier and easier!

3. Keep in touch

Along with sending email and text reminders about appointments, stay in touch with your customers in other ways. Patients want to know what’s going on at the office and stay familiar with whatever changes take place. This can be done through personalized postcards, newsletters, or social media posts. Patients will feel more connected if there is regular correspondence going out. It will also keep your business at their top of their mind so they are more likely to refer your practice to a friend or family member should the topic come up.

Always remember that patients have a choice in which dentist they choose. It should be your number one goal to give them multiple reasons to choose you over the competitor. It’s about going the extra mile and working hard to keep them pleased at all times. It not just about going through the motions, it’s about doing a little something extra here and there to prove that your practice is better than the rest. The importance of customer service should never be underestimated!