Are YOU holding your practice back?

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In any dental practice, the doctor is under the microscope everyday!  Not only do the patients look to you for ultimate authority on dental topics, but your staff look to you to set the tone.  If you’re off, the practice is off.  If you’re scattered, the practice will be scattered.  If you’re grumpy…well, you get the picture.

You Set The Tone

It’s easy to get comfortable in a routine of action or attitude, but remember that your tone sets the tone of those around you, especially if you’re in a position of leadership.  Simply remembering this is a great way to refocus and turn the tone back toward the way you want it to be.  If there are significant problems within your practice, consider looking at your involvement first and see if there is anything you can do to change the way staff interact, work together, or treat patients.  We know it’s not fun, but as the leader, you can help turn the ship!

Decide What You Want For Your Practice

Before you can get anywhere with your marketing, you need to know exactly where you want to go.  Do you want to be a multi-million dollar practice?  Multi-location practice?  Specialty services practice?  When you know where you want to go, you can make a specific plan to help market your practice and actually get there!  Wishy-washy, ambiguous goals don’t get you far, but specific vision for your practice can let your marketing do lots for you!

Build Your Team

Think thoughtfully about who you will add to your team.  This can apply to your staff (because they have to share in the vision too), but can also apply to those who you hire to help get you there.  From business coaches to dental consultants, to marketing teams, you should make sure those you hire share your passion for growth and your vision.  Also, consider bringing people on your team that care about you and your family, but may not know anything about dental.  You need support as you build your business, so quality friends and family members you know you can trust will be a valuable sounding board!

Keep Your Mindset Focused

As a dentist, you probably were lucky if you got one business course during your education.  Odds are, you haven’t studied marketing or business, and yet here you are a business owner of your own practice.  Don’t fear though, there are tons of TEDTalks, business blogs, expert authors, and conferences you can go to that can inspire and educate you to help you get to where you want to go.  Regular reminders of business inspiration can go a long way to help you stay focused on your goals for your practice!

Building a practice is hard work.  There’s so much that goes into it and if you’re trying to do it alone, you can get burned out very quickly.  Instead, focus on your amazing vision for your practice and build up a killer team around you to help you get there!


Valerie Morris