Why Reviews Matter for Your Dental Practice

Everyone is online these days so much so that is seems like people live on the Internet. The things that you can do and the things that you can find online are limitless. Because people spend so much time on the Internet, it’s extremely important that your business and your brand appear in a positive and professional light on this platform.

One of the biggest ways to ensure that your company appears this way is through positive reviews. Reviews make such a difference that they can either make or break your business. In fact, Moz states that “67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews.” Even in 2017 with advanced technology and dental practices, a lot of people still have fear about going to the dentist. Not only that, but dental work is also pricey. Because of this, people want to ensure they are getting the safest and most reliable service. Dental reviews are important and your practice should make earning positive ones a priority.

Now that you know why reviews are important, you’re probably wondering what you can do to receive them? Here are some tips, below!

Use email addresses to request reviews

Typically, patients are asked to provide their email address when they fill out paperwork at the office. If customers are providing you with this information, don't hesitate to use it. This is a great way to contact customers about reviews because you can leave them instructions and a link to where you would like them to review you. It makes the process extremely easy!

Request reviews near the time of service

When someone leaves your office happy, the time to capture their emotion is right away. Don't wait for their feeling of satisfaction to subside. Reach out to them and encourage them to leave a review while they're still feeling good!

Offer incentives for reviews

If people are taking time out of their day to provide your business with feedback, you should be willing to do something for them. Positive reviews benefit your business so show your appreciation and offer them a discount on service or a coupon code to receive a free service next time they come in. That way your dental office can leave a positive taste in their mouth...no pun intended.

Valerie Morris