Why Your Practice Needs An Internal Email Marketing Strategy

Internal Email Marketing Is More Than A Birthday Greeting


In medical and dental practices, we tend to have a skewed view of what email marketing can be.  It’s not our fault, really, but the industry has somehow merged patient communication with the concept of email marketing.  As a result, many practices think they are doing email marketing, but they are really just sending reminders about appointments to their patients. 


What Is Email Communication?

There are some fabulous email softwares out there that allow you to send email reminders about upcoming appointments, weather delays, and even birthdays.  While these are integral emails to be sending to improve overall patient loyalty and satisfaction, these are not doing much to sell your practice.

What Is Email Marketing For A Practice?

Email marketing can be focused on existing patients, and is often something that can be done internally if you’re on a budget.  Email marketing can also be done to external residents who could soon become patients.  These are people for whom you don’t already have email addresses for, and you have purchased a list to send to.  Today, we’re focusing on internal email marketing, which many practices forget to focus on ever.


Internal Email Marketing

Internal email marketing is crucial because patient loyalty is one of the most important pieces to your longterm strategy.  However, sending them a simple birthday message will only get them coming back to you for the stuff they already have done.  Instead, your email messaging to current patients should include:


   Consistency - Strategic advertising messages should be consistent throughout the year.

   Provide Value - Helpful hints and information can help keep your patients interested in reading messages from you.

   Timely- A well-planned email can make all the difference for someone’s response.  For example, sending emails around flex spending season can help you up sell cosmetic procedures because people often have money they need to use up before the end of the year. Also, consider that weekends are generally not good to send emails out on as most people are out doing things and not in front of an inbox.

   Featured Service - Use your existing patients to market new procedures, or more unique procedures that they may not normally consider doing. 

   Good Subject Lines - The subject line is a make-or-break moment for any email, so be careful about telling enough without telling too much in any subject line.

   Have A Call To Action - Any email message needs to tell the patients exactly what they should do in response to the email.  Is it calling your office?  Perhaps it’s signing up for a free offer with a link.

   Make It Easy. Clear buttons, bold fonts, and simple designs are all ways to make it easy for a reader to do that call to action.


You only see most existing patients twice a year, but you can see them much, much more in their inbox.  We are seeing killer results with email marketing for our clients.  Email marketing is a very complex strategy that helps bring new people in the door, or close existing patients on new procedures.  Existing patients can offer you a wealth of opportunity if you’re willing to tap into a market that is already on your side from the start.