When Direct Mail Is Not Enough

We are big fans of email marketing at EOS, but we also are fans of a few other things too, which is why you may hear us say from time to time, “direct mail is not enough.” Don’t get me wrong, direct mail is a fabulous tool.  What’s most important, though, is that you have a strategic marketing strategy. 


Getting Strategic

Strategy helps give you focus in any marketing approach.  We’re not big fans of simply throwing darts and a board and hoping to hit the bullseye.  We want to give our clients a roadmap for success that WILL lead them in the right direction.  That’s why we take a comprehensive approach and create marketing strategies that are based on your goals, marketing trends, and also data. 


What’s Right For Some May Not Be Right For All

When you approach marketing in a strategic way like we just mentioned, the path may lead you down surprising turns.  Direct mail may not be the right answer for you.  Email marketing may not be the right answer.  Social media may not be the right answer.  But, whatever is the RIGHT answer will be a strategy that makes sense based on facts and goals, not simply peer-based trends. 


We’ll create a strategy that is right for YOU, not the dentist down the street.  This means that you can stick out in the places you need to stick out, and you can attract the kind of patients you want to attract.  For example, if your are targeting baby boomers who need more work done than simple hygiene cleanings, your approach is going to be drastically different than the dentist targeting young moms. 


Cross-Channel Approach

You might also hear us say that direct mail is not enough because in many cases, it isn’t enough.  One campaign is not going to save your practice.  However, a strategic campaign with a series of direct mail could.  A strategic campaign of direct mail, plus a combo of email marketing, digital ads, and social media could as well.  No one marketing strategy is meant to stand alone, and therefore, you need to have a multi-tiered approach to marketing your practice.  Direct mail may not be enough because it is actually only a small part of a complex marketing strategy. 


Don’t get us wrong here…while the title of this article may make it seem like we are not fans of direct mail marketing, we are actually quite the opposite.  We have found immense success for our clients with custom, high-end direct mail marketing campaigns.  Each re strategically designed and crafted to match the practice’s goals and target audience.  We then use quality data to target the ideal patient for your practice in your local area.  We also look at past performances, to make future mail marketing an even bigger success. 


Direct mail is a big part of what we do, but we know it is only a part of it.  We take a comprehensive approach to marketing a practice, giving our clients quality results to help them grow their practice.