How To Know If You Need A New Website

Your website is your 24/7 salesman and one that tells a lot about your practice, which is why in today’s world, it is a necessity for any growing practice.  However, a website isn’t something you make once and then forget about.  Websites require strategic messaging, design, and upkeep.  Changing trends and technologies will make a website appear dated if not kept up.  If you’ve ever wondered if your own website needs a fresh look, now is the time to consider our checklist below. 


How To Know You Need A New Website:


1.      New Branding.  Whenever you’ve done a new branding concept for your practice, it’s a good idea to evaluate if your website matches the new tone and feel of the new brand.  Remember, your brand is reflected in any and all aspects of your practice, and your website is one of the most important places to be aligned.

2.     Dated.  If the last time you updated your website was more than five years ago, it is definitely time to redesign your website.  So much has changed in the last five years, and the cutting-edge design you once had is now yesterday’s news. 

3.     Slow.  Flashy graphics and videos are great, but if the site isn’t designed properly, excessive files could be slowing your site down.  While this problem may not require a complete overhaul of your site, it does require a skilled designer to help you get your message across without bogging loading times down.

4.     Not Mobile Friendly.  With a growing majority of people accessing websites for doctors on their mobile device, simply put, if your website isn’t responsive to mobile device screen sizes, you are missing out on business.  Patients don’t have the patience to try to zoom in.  If they are checking out your practice on a mobile device, they’ll go to another local doctor instead for a user-friendly website.

5.     Patient Complaints.  Pay attention to the comments people make about your website.  Is it hard for them to find the information they need from you?  Perhaps your website isn’t as clear as you think it is.  Consider getting a third-party opinion on how your site is performing.

6.     You’re on page 20 on Google.  If your website isn’t ranking well on search engines, you might consider a redesign.  Older sites often don’t align with Google’s latest algorithms, and there are a lot of strategic things that can be done in the design of the site (front end and back end) that can help you rank better.

7.     You want something new.  Business owners who focus on their brand with a critical eye, do better in marketing because they don’t let their business get stale.  If you are simply ready to bring new life to your practice, the website is a great place to start!


Not every practice needs to start all over when it comes to their website.  There are many practices out there that have phenomenal websites that bring them patients regularly.  However, if your website is not up to par, consider a website audit.  These simple audits evaluate your website from a number of factors and can give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. 


If you’re interested in a fresh look for your site, or a website audit, contact our design specialists today!

Valerie Morris