What is an Email Drip Campaign and Why Should You Care?


Odds are, you’ve experienced a drip campaign, but you may not have realized what it was.  For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. – Campaign Monitor  That’s a pretty great opportunity for practices that want to increase their marketing return on investment.  That’s what makes email drip campaigns so effective.  Email is already a powerful tool, but when you combine with a carefully timed campaign strategy, you get a REALLY powerful marketing tool.

What is a drip campaign?

You can do a drip campaign in marketing with any number of marketing strategies, but the main concept is that you slowly drip small teasers and materials to your audience to build hype, connection, and interest.  We all know that people take a handful of touches before they decide to convert to being a customer.  Drip campaigns are great to execute and increase your connection time with a prospective patient over the course of a given time.

Designing a drip campaign.

An email drip campaign needs to be strategic to draw your patients in with something of value.  One of the golden rules of marketing is to give before you expect to get.  When you create an email campaign, remember to give something of value first.  Perhaps it’s a freebie printable on the top toothpastes of 2017 or it’s a free giveaway of top local family activities for the upcoming season. You can create these types of “gifts” and give them with no postage, simple branding, and a way for people to remember you long after the initial email.  

The next steps to a drip campaign require you deciding how many emails you want to send and how often.  You’ll want to hint at the competitive advantages your practice has over the local competition, as well as hint at specials you have going at the time. You’ll want to culminate your drip campaign with an offer they can’t refuse.  The goal is to gain their trust and loyalty through the series of emails, and give them room to make the decision themselves.  

Timing a drip campaign. 

Timing on a drip campaign is vitally important.  It’s important for any email you send, really.  Not only should you care about the day and time you send it out, but in the case of a drip campaign, you need to be aware of how soon you are sending emails.  Emails that are sent too close together may get lost in the crowd, or may annoy your receivers.  However, emails that are timed too far apart may not give good brand reinforcement and will lose effectiveness. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 3-4 days before sending something and no more than 10 days.  

Email Drip Campaigns + More

You can always combine a drip campaign with a combination of other digital or social ads and even print marketing.  The variety of tactics can sometimes be a refreshing way for people to pay attention to you.  When you can disrupt what is expected, you can capture their attention and make an impact.  Consider multi-channel marketing in your drip campaign to be even more effective!

Valerie Morris