Have you found the sweet spot in your marketing?

Enough Already!  Are You Marketing Enough?

There’s a sweet spot in marketing, and that is unique for each practice.  Marketing takes strategy and focus, and it’s not something that happens overnight.  Therefore, digital marketing needs to be done with a healthy viewpoint of knowing how much to do and when to meet your revenue goals. 

Longterm Game

Remember what we just said about marketing not happening overnight?  Remind yourself this as you wrap up your very first email campaign.  Then, remind yourself of this after you’ve blow your year’s goals out of the water months later.  Different strategies are effective for different timeframes.  Don’t get discouraged if your first campaign doesn’t help you meet your year’s goals on the first try.  Look back at it a few months later, and you’ll see that each campaign was a building block, helping you meet some pretty amazing goals in the big picture. 


Meeting Goals

One major way to know if you’re marketing enough for your practice is if you’re meeting your goals.  While this is a no-brainer for some, it’s worth noting.  If you are meeting your sales objectives, or even surpassing them, then it’s a good sign that your marketing plans are working.

But, what happens if you’re not meeting your goals?  Many practice owners underestimate the amount of marketing that really needs to be done in order to be effective.  Marketing is a long-term investment in your brand within your community audience.  It takes time and multiple interactions to build trust with prospective patients.  This is why we don’t encourage one-time mailers or email blasts.  They may work a little, but combine those with a strategic focus on a series of mailers or emails, and you have a much better return. 


Maxing Capacity

Sometimes marketing can be too effective.  Of course, this is a great problem to have, but when you’re turning away patients because you have too much business coming in the door, you may realize your marketing is doing its job.  Cutting marketing efforts out completely is never a good idea, but knowing when to scale things back is an important thing. 

When you get to this point, you have two very good options and both involve helping you grow even more.  Your first option is to evaluate how you can operate more efficiently to handle more patients that want to see you.  A good business coach or practice consultant can help you evaluate ways to increase your patient capacity in your current location and setting.  Your second option is to consider expanding, which ultimately leads to greater growth.  Any time you are considering a second location, you should be evaluating your community with the numbers to see where the best location would be.  Location Viability Studies are a fantastic way to figure out where your next opportunity may be.  And, once you’ve decided to take the plunge and expand, you’ll be thankful you kept your marketing efforts moving all along!

Wondering if you’re marketing your practice enough? While it’s all relative, at EOS we’ve helped hundreds of practices reach revenue goals with strategic campaigns.  We can help you craft the perfect marketing strategy to fit your specific goals and help you know with confidence that you are, in fact, marketing enough!

Valerie Morris