The Makings Of A Great Dental Website

Your website is a key piece to your practice’s marketing success, especially in today’s digital world.  However, websites feel overwhelming to most dentists we talk to, and we’re here to tell you that they don’t have to be!  Here are our top factors to make a great dental website:

  1. Cohesive Branding.  Your website’s design should match the tone of your practice.  If you’re going for a clean, modern feel, a bright, white, and simple website might be just right.  Whereas if you’re going for a cozy, rustic feel, a darker background and more traditional layout may make more sense.  Another factor with website branding is that the logos and tagline should all be consistent and the colors of the overall website should coordinate with the logo.
  2. Mobile-Friendly!  The majority of web traffic is on mobile these days and that percentage is only increasing.  Therefore, if your website is not optimized to show up and adjust for different size devices (smart phones and tablets alike), then you need to make that a priority.  Not only is this important for the patient experience, but Google rewards websites that ARE mobile-friendly as opposed to those that are not.
  3. Simple, Straightforward Menus.  The navigation on your website should be simple.  Key pages like About Us, Procedures, Contact Us, etc. should all be easy to find and easy to get to.  The easier you make your site to move around through, the more likely a prospective patient is to spend more time learning about your practice online.
  4. Well-Written Copy.  The written portion of your website is vital to your success!  Your website copy should accurately spell out what your practice is all about, and in plain English that a common adult could understand.  Your copy should also be written to help your website rank well on search engines so that it is clear to Google (and others) who you are and what you do best!
  5. Media.  People want to interact with your practice online.  Make it easy for people to get to your social media pages to see this more authentic side of your practice.  Also, consider including less stock photography and more organic photography on your web pages.  Videos are also fabulous to include on your website to help portray the image of the practice!
  6. Good Bones.  It’s great to have a flashy website, but if you’ve built a website with poor code or difficult functionality for updates, you are going to make more work for yourself longterm.  Spend some time to talk to your web programmer (or prospective web designers) on why they are building it the way that they are proposing.  Look for designers who will focus on building a site that can grow with your practice for many years to come.  

We know that you don’t want to be tinkering with your website constantly, which is why we focus on doing the heavy lifting for you and building quality websites for our clients from the start.  If you are considering building a website for your practice, consider talking to our team about what direction may be right for you!

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