Are You Confusing Your Patients With Your Marketing?

As a busy practice owner, branding and marketing may not be the topic on the forefront of your mind from day to day.  However, branding is something that your patients experience constantly and it is something that is vital for your brand’s marketing success.  Many doctors actually end up confusing their patients in a number of ways and don’t even realize it.  As a result, the patient is confused about who the practice is, what they stand for, and what they are experts in.  Proper marketing focuses on making your practice’s message crystal clear.  

How Might You Be Confusing Your Patients?

Tone.  What is the tone of your practice?  Are you fresh and modern?  Are you traditional and cozy?  Are you bright and bubbly?  Whatever tone you are setting for your practice should be consistent wherever it shows up. This is not just in the visual things a patient may see and encounter, but also in how you train your staff to interact with the patients.  You (and your staff) are embodiments of your brand!


Consistency.  The biggest thing practices can do to keep their patients in tune with the practice identity is to be consistent.  Consistency helps subconsciously inform your patients about who you are and what you stand for.  If you are inconsistent with your policies, your branding, or your tone, your patients don’t really know who you are.  They are not as likely to remain loyal to a practice that feels like it’s changing constantly and you don’t know what to expect.  


Colors.  Colors all have subtle meaning and are interpreted in various ways.  For example, bright red is great for restaurants where people are hungry.  While this color is great for a restaurant, it may not be ideal for a calm dental practice.  Just because you personally love a specific color, this doesn’t mean that it’s the ideal color for your logo, marketing materials, or even office interior design.  That’s why it’s so important to bring marketing and design professionals into the conversation.  We can help guide you to think about something as simple as a logo, or the color of a rug, from the patient’s conscious AND subconscious perspective.  


Wording.  Wording is key because you are literally able to put your viewpoint of your practice into words.  Quality copywriting is so important here for your website, any print brochures, and any marketing materials.  Often, this is a project that is best performed alongside the copywriter, with some active involvement from the practice owner directly so that your message can be translated properly.  It’s often a good idea to work with one copywriter who can help you on multiple projects because the voice of the practice can stay consistent.  You can always edit later on, but consistency of voice is extremely important for any growing practice! 

marketingValerie Morris