Cultivating A Marketing Culture In Your Practice

Building a marketing culture in your practice - Ways to get your whole team on board.

As a dentist, marketing your practice is a big deal, but often you’re in the back of the office working one on one with a patient and your team members are the ones who have a more public face with your patients each day.  You both have important roles in marketing your practice, but sometimes you have to take some extra steps to make sure your team understands just how vital they are.  

Why Don’t Employees Get It?

We hear this question a lot from clients because they want to implement new policies and adopt a new tone, but the staff just don’t get on board.  Well, the key word in that question is “employee.”  Simple fact, is that you have more buy in to new marketing ideas, office culture, and policies simply due to the fact that you have some ownership in the practice.  Employees, especially ones that are simply punching a clock, will be a challenge to embrace new ideas.  

That’s why it is so important to focus on getting your team on board with your new marketing projects. 

Here are a few tips to help you do just that:


  1. Set The Example.  As a practice owner, if you aren’t modeling the type of attitude toward marketing, your staff is never going to get on board.  What you show as a priority is what your team will learn are the priorities.  Therefore, if you aren’t focused on the message you’re portraying to the public through advertising, social media, your website, community events, and more, your team will not focus their attentions on these things.  However, if you are actively seeking opportunities to take pictures of the team for social media, participating in local events, and doing advertising, your team is likely to suggest ideas and be excited to help with these efforts.
  2. Get Your Team’s Buy-In.  It’s simple, really…just ask!  Your staff all come from unique perspectives in life, including family status, geographic location, ethnicity, and income level.  Regularly asking for their opinions on postcard designs, website changes, and other new marketing idea concepts is a great way to get them emotionally connected to the project.  Not only will you gain valuable intel and ways to improve your marketing efforts, but your staff will find a personal connection with the project or effort.
  3. Explain The Importance.  Whenever you are asking your team to throw time and energy toward a new effort, explain to them the importance of the marketing project.  For example, a simple explanation that the new website is a place (24/7) where patients can get basic information about the practice, such as patient forms, directions, and more.  This website can help you have a central spot to point patients to when they call with questions, reducing the amount of emails or time you spend explaining basic information.  Show your team the importance to the patient, but also to them and the longterm focus of the practice.  If your team can understand the WHY they will get much more on board with the WHAT.

We know that by implementing just a few simple tips, you can get more buy-in from your team and together, you ALL can be a powerful force to market your practice well!