Was Your Practice’s Marketing Successful in 2015?

Was your marketing successful in 2015? Key metrics that you should use to analyze whether your marketing was effective or not.

We all get a little introspective in the month of December, and rightly so as we wrap up one year and look forward to the next.  Just as we look forward to new ventures in January, it’s always good to take a quick look at what we did in the past year.  You can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t know what those mistakes were.  That’s why we encourage our practice owners to analyze a few key metrics in order to plan better for the future.

  1. New Patients.  Doctors often track success by how many new patients come in the door, and if you are trying to grow or establish yourself in a community, you clearly want to be measuring this number.  This is perhaps the most popular metric that doctors will watch and can be a key indicator for growth in your business.
  2. Retention.  Retaining patients is another key metric that surprisingly, most practice owners do not pay attention to.  However, once you’ve done all the work to get a patient in the door, you want to make sure that they keep coming back.  Keeping a pulse on patient retention and loyalty will help you out tremendously.  If retention starts to wane, you can focus your attention on the reasons why patients aren’t staying at your practice.  However, if retention is good, the focus can be on building loyalty and strategies to help use your current patients to help you bring in new patients.
  3. Online Reviews.  Practice owners know that word of mouth is crucial to the success of their practice, and that in today’s culture, digital word of mouth is absolute gold!  Take a look through the types of reviews you’ve gotten over the past year, where you’ve gotten them, and what process you have in place to ask patients to review your practice.  There are numerous effective reputation management strategies that practices can employ to help improve their digital PR as well as overall public image.
  4. Website Traffic.  Practice owners often look at clinical statistics to measure growth, and while we are big supporters of that, we also know that your website needs some love too.  Pew Internet found that 44 percent of Internet users are actually looking for doctors and other healthcare providers when they search for health information online. The fact of the matter is that patients WILL check you out online first, and therefore, you need to have a solid online presence.  A great way to track your popularity online is by measuring and comparing your web traffic over time.
  5. Special Promotions.  This is perhaps the most concrete way to see if your marketing was successful.  When you are doing any sort of promotion, you need to track your numbers at the start, end, and in-between.  For example, if you are doing a teeth whitening promotion for the month of October, you should be tracking the number of appointments for teeth whitening to compare against your average month’s numbers and also compare against the cost to run that promotion.  It sounds simple, right?  It is simple!  However, many practices invest in marketing campaigns and then never track to see how effective those campaigns were.

You can’t analyze and grow unless you measure first!  Monitoring a few simple numbers will help you see growth over time and help your practice know exactly where to focus your efforts for maximum business growth.  At EOS Corporate, we know the power that data, from basic to complex, can bring to a growing practice.  So, take a few moments to analyze how 2015 has gone for your practice.  What worked and what didn’t?  A little bit of self-reflection can help set you on a path to success in the new year!

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