Top Marketing Trends That Docs/Dentists Needs To Pay Attention To For 2016

As we sit at the beginning of the year, many doctors and dentists focus on what their 2016 will look like.  Now that the insurance rush around the turn of the year has settled down, many practice owners can focus on what the next year will bring.  We gathered a few of the big trends we are seeing in marketing for the coming year and a few perspectives that can help guide your practice’s marketing.

  1. Mobile is a must!
    Mobile usage will completely dominate desktop usage in 2016. Mobile usage surged in 2015, thanks in part to Google’s decision to include a site’s mobile-friendliness in its search engine rankings. Doctors who are paying attention to their website traffic will have noticed that mobile users has steadily increased over the past few years.  However, with Google’s recent changes, and the ever-present smart phone, the mobile force will only get stronger.  Your website needs to be mobile-friendly and written in a way that works well on mobile devices!
  2. Wearable Tech is here!
    The emergence of major trends like the Apple Watch and other wearable technologies, you are starting to see the need for even more basic information.  Simplicity is often difficult.  It’s easier to be wordy and verbose, but to simplify your call to action to a few simple words is often difficult to achieve.  The smaller the screens get, and the more mobile your audience is, the quicker you need to catch attentions with minimal words.
  3. Digital Ads Make a Splash!
    Digital display advertising is predicted to dominate over search advertising this year, for the first time ever in the US. ( While you need a healthy mix of traditional and digital advertising, there are a number of great options today with social media advertising, email marketing, and retargeting that allow you to connect with your potential patients in multiple channels, multiple times.
  4. Omnichannel will be important!
    We already alluded to this some in the last point, but doctors and practices that embrace multiple channels for their marketing will see better returns.  Working with both digital and print methods requires delicate strategy, and within each route, there are multiple sub-channels.  For example, print marketing could involve a series of drip campaigns, or a combination of postcards and more involved marketing pieces.  Digital advertising can include any myriad of possibilities with social media, email, display ads, content marketing, and mobile.  Practice owners need to consider the possibilities and be open to creating a customized approach with multiple marketing channels.
  5. Data is King.
    Data is power in today’s marketing world.  Big brands know that when you know your audience you can succeed from the start.  For example, names like Netflix and Amazon Prime have joined the entertainment world by producing their own tv series, like House of Cards or Mozart In The Jungle.  They utilize data based on user habits, preferences, and ratings to help make decisions about shows they create.  And, hands down, these tv series have been major hits, winning major awards!  At EOS Healthcare Marketing, we preach the power of data all day long because we KNOW it works for our healthcare clients.

As you and your practice approach this coming year, know that there are a few major trends that are popping up in marketing today.  Understanding these, alongside your patient mix and practice vision will allow you to make wise decisions to grow your practice in 2016!

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