Help! My demographics are changing around me and my practice

Change is inevitable.  Often, we don’t even realize the subtle changes right in front of our eyes that slowly make life drastically different than it was years prior.  That happens to dental practices a lot over time.  When your community changes and evolves, your practice needs to stay on trend with those adjustments.  The same things that worked ten years ago, may not work as effectively today.  That’s where we come in:  EOS Healthcare Marketing has strategic tools to help your practice stay current and relevant in a new community culture.

How Do You Stay On Trend?

One of the best things you can do for your practice is understand the culture and community where your practice lives.  When you understand these parameters, you can base marketing budgets, staffing direction, office decorations, and more to help fit the culture of patients you will attract.  Our location viability studies are how we accurately gauge the real-time information about your local community.

What Does A Location Viability Study Show Me?

  • Real Time Analysis of Local Community – Know what your local community looks like with current, real-time data.
  • Fact-Based – Taking the guesswork out of marketing intel.
  • Consumer Perspective Information – Learn trends in consumer behavior to help you know what is most important to your patients.
  • Big Picture Knowledge: Get a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in your community.
  • Micro-View Knowledge:  Narrow the information down to a neighborhood, household, or specific community.

Wait…I did something similar when I first opened up shop.  Why do it again?

Many practice owners do demographic studies and breakdowns of their community when they are deciding on a location or first opening a practice.  This is a great time to do an analysis like this.  However, as change happens, the landscape of your local community may change.  What fit 10 years ago, may not fit today.  If you haven’t taken a look at how your practice fits in the current community, you need to evaluate periodically.

There are a number of reasons why a community changes over time that you have no control over.  However, when you understand these changes and trends, you can adapt your marketing and practice policies to grow with these changes, rather than be destroyed by changes.

Common Triggers of Change In Community:

  • School Rankings
  • Safety/Crime Rate
  • Income Level
  • Home Values
  • Commercial Development
  • Walkability of Community
  • Local Political and Community Leadership
  • Changes in Healthcare and Insurance

Location viability studies are one of our favorite processes to walk through with a doctor or dentist because they provide such a wealth of information that you can’t get anywhere else.  Not only that, but it is USEFUL information that allows the practice owner to make intelligent decisions for the growth of their practice.  We see these studies being useful at various phases of business, and when approached this way, they give a periodic intel that allows the practice to grow at the various phases of business.  At EOS Healthcare Marketing, we are concerned about the health of your practice for the entire LIFETIME of your practice!

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