Direct Mail – The Science Behind It

It looks so simple:  a simple postcard. However, that simple postcard is saying a lot without saying much from first glance.  There’s an art and science behind the design of a direct mail marketing campaign to make it appear simple, but complex at the same time.  Most private practices know that direct mail needs to be part of their marketing mix, and while it seems so simple, when you actually dig in to create a direct mail campaign, many doctors and dentists feel confused.

The ART of Direct Mail

Marketing campaigns need to be visually appealing in order to capture the viewer’s attention. Graphics can make or break any marketing campaign, whether it is a postcard, a brochure, or even a digital ad.  That’s why we are strategic with the graphics, fonts, and colors that we use on a direct mail creative.  We always make sure that the artwork is in line with the tone and feel of the practice, yet is also in line with the tone and viewpoint of the intended audience.  There’s also an art to the language you use in a direct mail campaign.  Copywriting for a marketing campaign needs to be concise, powerful, and persuasive all at the same time.  It’s harder than you think!  However, the simplest message often has had the most thought behind it!

The SCIENCE of Direct Mail

While you want your direct mail campaign to look beautiful and share your message in an interesting way, there is also a technical side to direct mail that some practice owners tend to ignore.  First, you have to know who your audience is in order to market properly to them.  Research needs to be done first before you design any sort of artwork.  Once you know who you are marketing to, you can create artwork and messaging that caters directly to their mindset. Then, you also want to spend time utilizing data to send the direct mail campaign to the right people.  With today’s technology, you can refine your target audience to be strategic with your marketing dollars!  The science of direct mail is found in the research and data that you can incorporate, ensuring that you are marketing to the right people at the right time.

The goal with direct mail is that you want the message and final product to appear simple, all the while knowing that there was a lot of complexity and analysis that went into it.  You want the campaign to look effortless, yet be direct and clear in the message.  At EOS Healthcare Marketing, we know that there is a lot of careful planning and design that goes into every direct mail campaign.  We want to make sure that any money spent on marketing is spent in a smart way, in order to bring you real results for your practice!

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