The Gold Mine In Front Of You That You’re Ignoring

As practice owners, you are always focused on taking care of your patients when they’re in your office, but do you really think much about them after they walk out the door?  When you look at your monthly numbers and realize that your appointments are down or lagging some, what do you immediately jump to?  Most doctors think that they need more new patients, but often the problem is that your current patients aren’t returning. 

Getting existing patients back in the door is often way more cost-effective and more fun than having a revolving door of new patients.  That’s why you need to have a marketing strategy, or maintaining strategy, for reaching your existing patients.   

  1. Focus on practice loyalty.  It’s a ton easier to maintain happy patients rather than try to entice new ones to your practice.  So, make your current patients feel appreciated.  Simple reminders like birthday messages, appreciation offers, and even thank you gifts are great ways to remind your patients that you care.  
  2. Build practice loyalty.  Social media is a great tool to help casually remind your patients that you are their preferred choice of doctor.  By posting to social media regularly, and in a way that is engaging to the end user, you have an easy way to keep your practice’s name top of mind for your existing patients.  
  3. Use your patients.  Ask your patients for reviews, and regularly!  Why should you regularly ask for reviews?  One, most patients won’t do it on the first ask.  Two, patients can give you a review year after year, further helping your review rankings.  Always remember to guide your patients to where you want the reviews and make it easy for them.  
  4. Stay in front of your patients.  Email newsletters are one of the most underutilized tools in a dental office for marketing.  Most practices don’t touch their email programs for months, even years and only do so when they have a big push for end of year patients, or back to school slots, or some other promotional message.  Why not stay in front of your patients year round to teach them helpful health tips, let them get to know your staff, or share exciting practice news.  Then, when you have something promotional to share, your patients will gladly receive the message!  

Exiting patients that have the potential to return are a gold mine for your practice.  They provide more consistency and dependability for the longterm growth and planning, and they are much easier to keep than going out to bring in new patients.  Of course, you’ll always have a marketing strategy for new patients too, but don’t forget the ongoing marketing strategy of maintaining your existing patients! 

Valerie Morris