Spooktacular Ideas For Marketing Your Practice

Halloween is right around the corner and your practice can still benefit from this fun holiday, while building brand exposure!  Dental and medical practices are a great setting for some fun!  

  1. Dress Up.  Offer up a fun costume contest for patients and even get your staff involved by encouraging them to dress up in costumes that encourage fun.  There are plenty of costume ideas that don’t inhibit your day-to-day activities, but help promote a fun atmosphere.
  2. Use A Halloween Hashtag.  Create a special hashtag and encourage your patients to not only show up in costume, but post a picture of themselves at your office using the hashtag!
  3. Cutesy Names.  Just like the title of this article, you can add a Halloween flair to all of your daily tasks and items.  You might call your Xray machine the skeleton’s corner or come up with some other fun ideas.
  4. Participate In Local Events.  Many communities do trick or treat streets or trunk or treat events.  Just because you don’t want kids killing their teeth with sugar, doesn’t mean you can’t get out in your community.
  5. Give out ‘treats’.  Kids of all ages love getting little presents or “treats.”  The treat doesn’t necessarily need to be candy to make an impact, though.  Get creative and kids will not even notice that the candy was omitted.  
  6. Change Your Social Media Graphics.  Take a staff picture all dressed up and change out your Facebook profile picture, or your Twitter photo.  You can even go a step further and post about your Halloween fun on your website home page’s slider or feature spot.  This is a simple way to help get the word out that your office is THE place to be on Halloween.
  7. Run Giveaways and Contests.  Asking people to dress up or post pictures is great, but if we’re really being honest, the best campaigns work when there’s an incentive.  Provide a nice giveaway as an incentive to take and post a picture!
  8. Basic Decorations.  We all know that it’s easy to get consumed with decorations, but a little bit can go a long way.  Embrace a few decorations to help get people in the Halloween spirit!


Halloween is the kickoff to the holiday season where you can really get your patients and community engaged with your practice and help you spread the name of your brand.  Don’t miss out on this season of holiday fun and the wealth of opportunities it gives you to market your practice!